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Thank you for showing interest in our products.

We would like to outline the possibilities of a potential cooperation on this page. If you wish to, you can distribute our products and earn money from doing so.

We believe it is important to have our products in retail stores. At BEST-Pharma, we are wholesalers of the products, so if you decide to become a Partner, we will not be competitors. In order for our retail Partners to find their account in the partnership, we have developed favorable terms and conditions to maximize profit.

How to become a Partner?

The following are required to start the partnership:

  • You need to register by sending an e-mail with a brief introduction, including at least the following:

– Company name

– Managing Director

– Seat

– Site

– Company’s e-mail address

– Contact person, position

– Contact person’s phone number, e-mail address

– Tax number

– Bank account number

  • Attach a certificate of the legitimate business and a certificate of incorporation not older than 30 days, in electronic form (scan in PDF format)
  • Order the products (at least one shipping carton per product)

In case of smaller quantities, if you need a few bottles or a sample carton, you can buy the required quantity in the following web shop:

Other conditions:

  • Delivery deadline: if the products are in stock, they can be shipped from our warehouse in 3 days at most. Please place your order until noon. If an ordered product is not in stock, we will immediately inform you about its expected delivery. The shipping fee is not included in the price, Customer shall bear its cost. Payment terms: After ordering the products in writing, they are to be paid in advance based on a proforma invoice. As soon as the purchase price appears on our bank account, we will send you the final invoice (as an e-mail attachment) and inform you about the products’ earliest time of release from the warehouse. Prices: on request, we will send you the current price list in e-mail. Ordering: please send your orders in e-mail to

What do we offer for our Partners?

The products we offer meet the highest quality requirements. The world’s best-known brand, © Disney & © ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. has also given its name to our Star Wars ™ products. The gummy vitamins were shaped as well-known favorites from Star Wars movies. Its advanced composition helps children maintain their health. Even though children often have the attitude of “I don’t want to take them” when it comes to taking additional vitamins that are especially important in the fall-winter season, the design of our vitamins makes taking them playful.

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