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My whole family is a Star Wars fan! We’re excited to welcome newer parts year after year and it’s already a family tradition to bring Santa Claus Star Wars premiere movie tickets to the whole family in boots. To do this, I camp virtually on the online ticketing interfaces of cinemas. Unfortunately, there will be no more epic this year. But we have no reason to be sad, there will be something to do in the boots, because the STAR WARS ™ gum vitamins have arrived in our country!

During this viral period, it is very important to strengthen the family’s immune system. Everyone now experiences this on their own skin. However, children are not happy to take all vitamins. We also have a finished drama in the morning with the prayer of the current vitamin doses in the seedling mouth. But this is only half the success, because my son Gergő can’t even swallow the big vitamin capsules. So I had to look for another alternative. Now I don’t think I need to organize any further vitamin exploration expeditions, because we have received both versions of STAR WARS gummy vitamins in the distribution of Best-Pharma Kft for testing.

Here are R2-D2 and BB-8, the two cute robots, both of my sons ’favorites. Although Levi is 19 years old, he immediately struck down R2-D2 to make it his only. Luckily for Gergő, who is 13, BB-8 is just a favorite of the newer Star Wars movies, so there was no brawl in the kitchen. I also counted 33 pieces in it, so I also got a tasting. The gum vitamins in the jars also passed our rigorous family test. The guys were especially happy with the rubber figures. There’s also C3-PO, Boba-Fett and old Master Yoda here and even their other favorite hero, let it be surprised who. The flavoring also became a star five, they said, they do not feel the vitamin taste, they prefer the delicate fruity taste: blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, mango, lemon, orange. The ingredients and vitamins of STAR WARS ™ gum vitamins have been developed with the advice of nutrition experts adapted to all stages of children’s healthy development.

TIP: the STAR WARS ™ rubber vitamin jar can also be converted into a bushing. There is a perforated gap that can be easily formed by cutting it out with scissors while keeping the decorative foil on the cap if you run out of vitamin. In this way, we can laugh at our child for environmentally conscious thinking. After all, we recycle the jar!

SOURCE: Mindennapi Nő

Author: Ms. Palásti Márti