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Star Wars: David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader, has died

David Prowse

British actor David Prowse died at the age of 85, pulling on Darth Vader’s costume for years.
Prowse was a bodybuilding and heavyweight British weightlifting champion and was less than two inches tall by 2 meters. His physical abilities were needed in the role of evil, though Darth Vader spoke not in his voice but in the voice of another actor, James Earl Jones, partly because of his accent and partly because George Lucas said his voice was not dark enough for the character.
Prowse retired from the public 4 years ago citing her health.
Fans, athletes, fellow actors and members of the Star Wars family say goodbye to him on social media.
Mark Hamill wrote that he was the man who adored his fans, just as the fans adored him.