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The Mandalorian Season 2 Pilot Criticism: The Most Beautiful Star Wars Creation I’ve Ever Seen


Although the wait seemed like an eternity, the first record-breaking episode of Season 2 of Mandalor finally came to an end, in which I witnessed the adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda again. And needless to say, the Disney Star Wars series continues to spin a thousand degrees, with younger and older motorcycle fans alike finding their calculations to the maximum. Let’s see how the pilot of the 2nd season of Mandalor performed with us! (Our spoiler-free criticism follows.)

Picture: Disney+

The design

The idea for a Star Wars story about a bounty hunter probably first came to the minds of Lucasfilm’s bosses when Boba Fett, who appeared in badass gear during the first trilogy, gained immense popularity among fans.

It was no coincidence that George Lucas came up with the idea that Joba Fett, the father of this Boba Fett, should be the main catalyst (and a descendant of the Imperial Assault Squadrons) for the parts depicting Darth Vader’s young years.

The sullen bad faces were still the pinnacle of fans ’hearts, so after Disney bought the Lucas movie with a case-pull, he was heavily in the deck smuggling Boba Fett back to the screen in some form. Whether this would now take the form of a separate film, series, or cameo was uncertain for a long time, the point being, they had not forgotten about the Mandalor assassin.

Then the complete failure of the closing chord of the Skywalker saga, and the ugly financial result of the Han Solo cinema (because it’s good anyway, click here for our criticism) slightly varied Disney’s plans, so to speak, they were rock hard redesigned.

This is how the Mandalorian bounty hunter became The Mandalorian, the protagonist of which was not Boba Fett, but a completely unknown face (Din Djarin), as I feel that with another possible fall, they did not want another popular character to end up in the trash.

And how well they did, as the Mandalorian soaring, which debuted at Disney + and was conducted by Jon Favreau, so further action in the series could provide the perfect terrain to smuggle long-unseen characters back. Based on that, Season 2 will be a real treat for fans, and if Disney’s plan comes in, they can launch additional spin-offs on their way to represent the far-far galaxy.