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May the force of gummy vitamins be with you!

Immune boosting may never have been as focused as it has been in recent months. Due to the viral situation, its proper functioning is extremely important, and cooler weather and kindergarten and school diseases are also becoming more common. Harmful microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, and viruses) often live with us, but they can also occur epidemically, one thing they all have in common is that a strong, disease-free, well-functioning organism is not, or very difficult to attack.

My young Padawans have already tested the gum vitamins and they passed

The immune system is the aggregation and members of several separate organs – glands, cells, tissues – that are responsible for being resistant to various diseases. In fact, their preparedness, protection and strengthening are of paramount importance throughout the year, yet we are dealing with it the most in the current period. No one would think, but our first line of defense is our skin, which sweat and sebum produced in its glands can prevent pathogens from entering. This is followed by members of the lymphatic system – the tonsils, the thymus, the spleen, the lymph nodes, the worm outgrowth – which are already more active in fighting the invaders. Our intestines, for example, are home to beneficial intestinal bacteria and certain stages are actively involved in the functioning of the immune system. Nor should we forget about our blood, which is made up of white blood cells, whose special species catch, ingest pathogens and destroy them with antibodies.

As the above shows, this is a very complex system, so supporting them should also be considered as a complex process. Fortunately, children’s immune systems are less aware of pathogens, so they often give each other a disease that an adult’s body can no longer cope with in every case. In addition to a varied and healthy diet, exercise and open air can work wonders, and it is worth helping their body with extra minerals and vitamins.

It is extremely difficult for little ones to find the vitamin they are happy to consume, which is why it is a great challenge for Moms to figure out which one is worth buying. We’ve already tested a lot of it and there’s no stopping it, as Best Pharma’s STAR WARS ™ gum vitamins will soon hit the market with legendary forces, opening up new dimensions in the galaxy. You can choose from two flavors, R2-D2 with blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry flavors, and BB-8 with mango, orange and lemon-lime to enchant your little ones. In a bottle, there is also a monthly dose for the kids and a couple of tastings, and in the name of environmental awareness, the more creative young Padawans can even reuse the box as a money box to collect their reserves! 🙂


Lili discovered the piggy bank function

Follow the adventurous journey of STAR WARS ™ gummy vitamins on their  facebook and instagram pages and watch my page because a game against the dark forces will start soon!

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