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Moving free, moving outdoor is really the best in winter! – 12 tips to make it enjoyable and free from injury

Due to restrictions and the epidemic situation, the opportunities for exercise are becoming more and more limited. Paradoxically, however, it has never been more important to pull on our shoes and pull out our tired, stress-ridden, cat-eating foam body in the outside frost, despite the zimankos, early darkness, and general displeasure. So that – and I say this from experience – after five minutes of jogging or walking, we don’t understand what was the reason for our original chatter. Writing by Borcsa Fiala.

As I run through Margaret Island with the dog in the early hours of winter, they are noticeably much less than in spring or summer… although it is also true that for the first time this year, compared to recent years, I have the impression that fewer sports shoes have been put off with cooler weather. I understand perfectly, for example, I enjoy it much better when it’s colder than when I’m running in the heat, getting dressed is still easier than getting out of my skin to avoid getting a heat stroke. Even in a normal situation, I would encourage everyone not to scramble for outdoor sports, run, run, or at least go for a faster pace, if possible, every day.

And in these bloodthirsty times, it’s even more important to occasionally stick our noses out of quarantine and move our bodies through the open air – freeing even the caged mind.

I will also tell you quickly if I can convince you why it is important and what the unparalleled benefits are of vomiting on zimanco, snow, rain, wind, fog, and taking on the movement outside, what preparations you should make to keep it from exploding and also, how can you regenerate your body afterwards so that next time you feel like going. (Because it will, believe me!)

Why run if they don’t chase?

1. For example, because running in the cold has been proven to help you burn more fat, which not only makes your shape slimmer, but then – depending on the number of miles you enter – you can wrap more of your favorite foods. In addition, cool weather is much more ideal for running or any outdoor activity than high-humidity heat, as your body is guaranteed not to overheat, and there is no risk of heat stroke in the middle of the asphalt.

2. The swimming pools and gyms are now closed anyway. If you’ve been averse to running so far, now is a great time to make friends with him. Everything is better than lounging in front of the machine all day at home (if you have a job).

It’s no coincidence that the meeting is new smoking, if you waste a long time in a place, you not only increase your risk of developing cancer, but also your diabetes, your heart problems, and your mental health.

The human body is basically not designed for sitting, but for standing, walking, the functioning of our cardiovascular system and intestines is much more efficient in a standing position. (Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re going to squirm while jogging!)

3. Any movement you take in the open air will help you overcome your winter depression. This is also supported by scientific research, but I can also prove that in the morning, on the quiet island of Margaret, where the dull roar of the city of work is heard, things get right in man, all difficulties turn out to be momentary and dwarfed for decades. since leaf growing and falling in the shade of ancient trees.

Okay, okay, I’ll start with what to look out for?

1. First, dress properly, that is: layered. Don’t cut him in a cotton t-shirt because it quickly absorbs sweat, which then freezes nicely on your foam body. They say you’re good if you get a little cold in the first five to ten minutes, not after that. If you wear too many clothes, you will easily warm up and sweat.

And your mother’s admonitions split in your childhood calmly echo in you: “Scarf, hat, gloves!”

2. Be sure to warm it up a little longer than you would in the summer. An additional “treatment” is also great with a massage roller, with which you can easily refresh your blood circulation, make your muscles more flexible, and also reduce the risk of injury during a smoke.

3. By taking the right breath, you can avoid colds or inflammation of your throat. So: nose in, nose or mouth out. But don’t take cold air through your mouth because then you can’t warm up before it gets into your lungs.

I got home, it was really super, and then now?

1. Very important, I can’t stress enough to stress: STRETCH! You don’t have to press a complete yoga class, but believe me, you can protect yourself from a lot of trouble if you don’t save that extra five minutes at the end… like me for years. I would seriously bang my head against the wall now for spending quite specifically years in captivity of various aches, not to mention the money beaten at the chiropractor and the pharmacy, just because I didn’t hand it down after running. So I’m paying a lot of attention to that today, and once I’m there on the yoga mat, I do a couple of sit-ups and torso-strengthening exercises, it never hurts on a ground. (It really isn’t, anyway, it’s even essential that your bone structure, your waist be well supported by your muscles, whether it’s running or sitting.)

So as soon as you get home, drop the wet, sweaty dipper from at least the top, pick up a dry t-shirt, and stretch your legs, back, arms, soles.

2. It is not a big investment, but the massage cylinder already mentioned does a great service, especially the thigh, calf, back and plantar muscles will be very grateful if you massage them with it. You can choose from several types, the smooth-surfaced, softer version is recommended for beginners, allowing you to knead through the surface muscle layers, while the harder, ribbed version penetrates to the deep muscles. Nowadays, it is not advisable to go to a masseuse anyway, and unless you are an elite athlete, there is no charming masseuse in your apartment, so self-massage with a roller is the best way to knead through the muscles – try it, a really relaxing feeling is a thorough rolling or is also excellent for reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

3. Hot bath, shower, not only to melt your skin, but that tingling sensation is unparalleled, one feels like Rambo every time he cuts himself into the steam after a good snowy run. And under the warm water, you can do even more stretching exercises!

Advice for people sitting all day

If you’re doing sedentary work, unfortunately, it’s not enough on its own to go for a half-hour run every day. Research shows that eight hours of sitting can only be compensated by a full hour of exercise. So it is very important that even if your daily tasks are nailed to the table, pay attention to a few things:

1. Raise the computer so that you can keep your head straight. If you stare down forever, you give thirty percent more work to your neck and shoulder muscles, which will inevitably come to a standstill, the slow-fading pain that comes with it, I think, may be familiar to many of us.

2. If you sit a lot, your whole blood circulation slows down, so less oxygen gets into your brain as well.

If you can just do it, get up, you can make phone calls by walking smoothly, for example, but you can also brainstorm ideas more effectively by walking up and down, as the peripatetic school has proven.

3. If you catch the flow, one easily forgets about the work and does not even notice that hours have passed without moving. It’s terribly unhealthy, so if it doesn’t go the other way, set your phone to talk to you every whole hour, and then get to your feet right away, do bracelets, bounce, hooligan hoop, dance, or if you’re really tough, plank five minutes before you dive back into tasks. But if you just don’t feel like bouncing, wrap yourself along the massage cylinder, it invigorates a lot with the catnip limbs, the bloodstream that has entered the REM phase.

Then who knows, you might end up with your most bombardant figure when half the world is released from quarantine for the day!

Author: Fiala Borcsa