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Two lovely little StarWars robots have arrived in our household: R2-D2, one of the iconic movie heroes of a far-flung galaxy of my childhood, and the little nimble BB-8 “we” marveled at with my little son a few years ago at Play IT Show. The little boy has since become a “tower-sized” teenager, but one thing hasn’t changed: he’s unwilling to take the capsule vitamins. Obviously he can do it, but his teeth don’t stick to it: he stays there at the edge of the plate every morning, no matter how I prepare it for him. And since unfortunately we don’t eat enough fresh vegetables and fruits, I consider vitamin supplementation to be very important, especially because of the epidemiological situation now! Only with a strong immune system do we have a chance to get rid of Covid virus infection! Adequate vitamin intake, especially vitamins C and D, is essential for immune boosting. It is even bad to think that according to statistics, 90% of the Hungarian population is vitamin D deficient! For example, the fatigue often experienced is usually caused by vitamin deficiency.
We need to take care of our children’s health, but it’s often not that simple (whoever has a rebellious teenager knows exactly what I’m talking about).

The Jedi Knights sent helpers!

And then here comes the picture of those lovely little Star Wars ™ robots, who did not arrive empty-handed, but packed to the brim with a gummy vitamin.

R2-D2 robot Star Wars hero-forming vitamins in blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry, BB-8 robot in lime, orange and mango flavors. I did a try and in the morning lime-Yoda was waiting for my son at the edge of his plate. Since then, he takes his vitamin by himself every day, I don’t even have to prepare it. A more serious justification was needed for why you should only take one and not a handful at a time! He, on the other hand, is unfortunately very careful not to overdose on his “vitamin,” although Star Wars ™ supplements are not written at all to say “No adults”! That’s why we’re really looking forward to receiving and buying for ourselves! I love that it’s juicy, not too sweet and let’s face it, we parents also prefer a little soft and tasty pampering than a “swallow” capsule or a sized tablet.

Quality first

When choosing a vitamin, it is important to vote only for high quality. I have thoroughly researched the rubber vitamins of Best-Pharma Star Wars ™ and have come to the conclusion that the composition of the formula compiled with the help of experts and doctors is optimal for the physical and mental development of children and the proper immunity of their bodies. Let’s just say you shouldn’t have any more guarantees that your product meets Disney’s strict branding regulations. Because every step of the production had to be agreed with Disney and Lucas Film Ltd. – I learned from the owner, StarWars Vitamin Idea, who drew my attention to one more thing: the packaging of the vitamins is reusable, namely as a money box!

Once the bottle is empty, it can also be used as a piggy bank.

The coin drop orifice opening in the cap is covered only by the foil, which can be easily cut with a scissor and you can start collecting money (if you take the round cardboard out of the cap, it becomes immediately visible!). Thus, in addition to taking vitamins, the helpful StarWars robots teach children two more useful things: saving and environmental awareness!

Once the bottle is empty, it can also be used as a piggy bank.

If you want to try Star Wars ™ gum vitamins, check out the Facebook page of Best-Pharma Ltd. and the profile of Instagram @starwarsvitamin, where it will soon be revealed where R2-D2 and BB-8 are available! Also, watch out for Lipstick and Other because you may even win them soon! (And if you see a business opportunity in it, you can even market it!) THE STRENGTH BE YOUR ACTION (ALSO)!