Our new packaging idea

Protect nature by using the piggy bank!

Let us present our fantastic idea of protecting nature.

In the production of our dietary supplement vitamins, we have designed and manufactured custom-shaped plastic PET bottles, which are used to package gummy vitamins and chewable tablets.

The further use of packaging is important for our company, for that we would like to know how to encourage consumers not to throw empty bottles in the trash.

We are the only ones in the world to recycle plastic bottles of food supplement products with an unusual idea: because they are designed and crafted as a sleeve so children can, to their delight, keep their favorite “droids” – consequently there is no need throw the bottles in the trash.

Once the vitamins have been consumed and the bottles are empty, coins hidden in your bags or purses at home can be put in these R2-D2 and BB-8 droid-shaped and packaged bottles are known and popular from these Star Wars movies.

With each use of empty bottle sleeves, children contribute to the preservation of nature!

In doing so – by contributing with children – we are at the forefront of protecting nature so that very little or nothing of our plastic packaging is thrown in the trash or nature.


If you are already using your favorite “droids” as a money box and are already collecting change in it, take a photo, write your name and address, send it to our central e-mail address (best-pharma@best-pharma.eu), and we will be drawing lots and lots of Star Wars ™ gifts among the submitters on December 16th, before the Holidays. The list of winners will be published on our Facebook page.

Good Luck!

The team of BEST-Pharma Ltd.

The jar can still be used after it has been emptied.