Recycling? How? 

“Creating waste is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s wrong not to start anything with it.”
Mark Stevenson

Protect nature and reuse bottles!

We proudly present our individual approach how to protect nature.

During the production of our dietary supplement vitamins, we have designed and manufactured custom-shaped plastic PET bottles, which are our tools and containers for packaging gummy vitamins and chewable tablets.

Our company is committed to protecting nature, so it was important to continue using packaging in the planning process, how to persuade customers and consumers not to throw away emptied bottles, but to continue to use them in their household for the purpose of storing any object or product.

Perhaps we are the only ones in the world to recycle plastic supplements, plastic bottles with an unusual idea: because they are designed and crafted as a money box, so buyers, consumers they can keep the bottles after consuming their contents, no need to throw them in the trash.

With each empty bottle and sleeve used, Dear Customers contribute to the protection of nature!
In this way, we are at the forefront together with buyers and consumers in the protection of nature, so that very little or nothing of our plastic packaging is not thrown away in the trash or in nature.

BEST-Pharma Kft.

BB-8 with coins
bottles with coins
R2-D2 bottle with coins