Coronavirus: gradual alleviation in Slovakia

Strict measures against the coronavirus epidemic were introduced in Slovakia almost a month ago. According to the prime minister and health minister, the first signs of action are already visible, so some closures will be lifted from Monday.


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Antigen testing across the country, as well as the provisions introduced since mid-October, have achieved their primary goal, which is to break the rise in the curve in Slovakia. Health Minister Marek Krajčí said the biggest “fracture” occurred on November 3rd. The minister likened the fight against the epidemic to a sinking ship in which testing is like pouring water out with a bucket, while access restrictions play a role as if we are filling the gaps where water comes in.

Of the 10,749 tests on Friday, 1,771 were found positive, the lowest Friday number since Oct. 9. The day of the week is interesting in that in many countries the numbers vary depending on capacity. Typically, less is tested on weekends, so the numbers are higher in the second half of the weekday.

From Monday, cinemas and theaters can open again. You can gather in churches. Everywhere up to 50% of the capacity limit. They can open gyms and swimming pools. There can be 1 person per 15 square meters, maximum 6 people in the room. They can also hold matches in the second classes of team sports (hockey and football) without spectators. The first class took place here as well, without spectators.

Importantly, in regions where distance learning is not available to students, small groups can be taught again in schools.


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Slovakia will follow EU border crossing recommendations from Monday.
Hungary is in the red category, so Hungarians can only enter Slovakia with a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours. This does not apply to commuters working on both sides of the border.

Although the provisions did not apply to them, most of the Slovak ski resorts stopped the lifts as a result of the October measures. Of course, we could also say that the usual autumn maintenance was carried out during the ban. Chopok and the lifts of the High Tatras have been welcoming tourists again since the previous weekend.

The ski resorts in these regions, encouraged by the results of the national testing, approached the head of government. During the season, a network of dense and constantly operating (antigen) test stations is planned around the ski resorts for both tourists and tourism staff. The ski resorts warn that the ski season could start in a matter of weeks and not yet see measures that thousands of ski tourism workers would know what to expect.

Source: Sielők.hu